Ed Robinson

Ed styling a Prime Rib

Ed has a unique combination of talents: Actor, Writer, Chef & Food Stylist. It’s this strange set of skills that landed him a career in New Media.

Ed has catered film and photo sets ranging from the feature film Portend to the intimate photography sets of Art Streiber. He has also done Food Styling for cooking shows such as Fed Up! to fictional television such as East Los HighHis love of food but thin pocketbook led him to writing this weekly blog.

Eventually his catering and blog garnered him enough attention, that he was able to successfully fund his web series Pairings through Kickstarter. Pairings combined all of Ed’s passions. He was able to tell a story through writing and acting and share food with the world by food styling and recipe designing the meals that are featured on this award-winning fictional series.Key art for 'Pairings'

Ed has also been lucky enough to be the host of his own cooking show, Sci Fine Dining, created by Sci Fi Riot, a new and rising YouTube channel. Ed loved the challenge of bringing food from his favorite science fiction movies, shows and books to life.

Ed was recently honored as Best Actor at Hollyweb Festival as well as the same nomination at the Indie Soap Awards. He has also received a Best Screenplay award from The Snobby Robot‘s Web Series Wednesday 2012 awards.

Key art for ‘Pairings’

He is currently in pre-production for season 2 of Pairings.

Jodie Younse

Screen shot 2012-03-28 at 11.02.44 PM

Jodie cameos in an episode of Pairings

Jodie is a photographer and studio manager in Los Angeles. Having married Ed for his skills in the kitchen, she came up with the idea for Pairings. That, in this day and age it is ‘the way to woman’s heart is through her stomache.’ She was the executive producer of the show as well as the director of two episodes.

She was also coerced into being a co-host of Sci Fine Dining with Ed, despite preferring to be behind camera. She also made a cameo in Pairings.

She is currently very happy biking to work regularly, consuming good food and drink, and helping Ed produce Pairings season 2.


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