Traveling Thanksgiving Leftovers: Turkey, Cream Cheese and Cranberry Sandwiches

It’s a couple days after Thanksgiving. You’ve had a great time with your family and it is time to get on that plane, in that car, or whatever mode of transportation you are using to get back home. Your family or friends are pushing leftover turkey (hopefully Grilled Bourbon Turkey) on you, but you just don’t have a place to pack it.

I’m here to tell you, not to turn down that leftover turkey!

You need to eat on the plane, car, or just simply when you get back home, so make sure you accept at least enough turkey to make yourself this wonderful sandwich for the road. All you need is some cream cheese, lettuce, and some of the leftover cranberry sauce from Turkey Day.

This is the perfect post-holiday sandwich, but don’t feel like you always have to wait for the days after Thanksgiving for this treat, you can make this sandwich any time of the year. Just grab some deli turkey from you local deli counter. (That’s actually what’s pictured.)

Turkey, Cream Cheese, and Cranberry Sandwiches

1/3 pound turkey (either leftover from a roast turkey or deli sliced turkey will do)

Whipped Cream Cheese (you can use regular cream cheese too, but be sure to soften it. I prefer the whipped cream because it’s not too dense)

Cranberry sauce (homemade or canned will do)

1 leaf of lettuce

1 croissant, halved or 2 slices of bread

  1. Spread cream cheese on the bottom side of a croissant or one piece of bread, and cranberry sauce on the top side or slice.
  2. Layer the turkey on top of the cream cheese, top with lettuce, and finally with the top of the croissant or the other slice of bread that has been slathered with cranberry sauce. Eat and enjoy!

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